Sunday, September 15, 2013

Community Beer Works - Buffalo, NY

I'm a Buffalo native, and was VERY happy when I heard a new brewery was coming to town.  I've been to so many different breweries...over a 100 now and I saw what a brewery can and should be. Unfortunately I have never really been a huge fan of what my city has to offer us beer wise...Ithaca and Southern Tier are great but far away.  Fast forward 2 years and now we have Community Beer Works just killing it! 

-Their IPA finished second in the national IPA contest..and I will say I have tried the other 3 beers in the final 4 and I believe they deserved their spot.  The IPA..coming from a big IPA fan is very good..I do feel like some batches are better than others but I have never thought it was bad and sometimes it's been incredible.
-The Frank is better than most Pale Ales you will find, most people I know like the Frank, it's light and easy to drink.
-I'm not a brown ale fan but my girlfriend is and loves the Whale. 
-Their operation is small, only open 2 days a week, but I've been in there many times and they're nothing but polite. You can taste the beers in the small area and fill up half or full growlers. So glad to have these guys in Buffalo and my only request would be is to pump out a few different varieties like maybe a Choc Stout, a pumpkin beer and Christmas beer. For merchandise they have glasses, growlers, coasters, stickers. Check them

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