Monday, February 24, 2014

Thirsty Dog Brewing Co - Akron, OH

I must say before I go into my review, this is based on my one and only visit to this brewery. I have had their beers in the past (Citra dog, 12 Dogs of Christmas) and I enjoyed them very much. 

 We went on Thirsty Thursday (2$ off growlers) 90 minutes before they closed. BIG mistake.  While it wasn't PACKED it was crowded enough to be uncomfortable and not a space at the bar.  Parking wasn't bad, but can be confusing since it is an industrial type area. I couldn't find any spot at the bar since there were quite a few larger beer drinkers, men and women, (I am big myself so I can say it), and they weren't drinking anything for a good 45 minutes but just wanted to hang out and chat.  I found a spot in the far corner that had extra tables piled up. I pushed a table out of my way, snuck into the corner and asked about samplers.  I was told samplers are ordered by the single, BUT there is no menu except on the wall that I couldn't see so I said give me any IPAs, stouts, or pale ales you have.  She brought me 8 beers as you can see below.
Now all these beers were very good, but I had no clue what they were!! And I wouldn't dare ask the ONE bartender who was constantly filling growlers and could careless about telling me what I'm drinking.  To add to it, some old man next to me sitting and drinking a growler by himself gave me the 45 degree head turn about 15 times no show his disapproval of either me crowding his corner spot or just drinking samplers. 

I wanted to buy some merchandise and a mixed 6 pack, but I waited 20 minutes at the bar and eventually gave up and left.  It is sad, because half the reason we stopped in Akron was for this bar.  So note to self...DO NOT go on Thirsty Thursday or before they close.  Very snobby crowd..and not sure why you live in Akron, it isn't the Hamptons.  But I do like their beer so check them out!‎

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