Monday, February 24, 2014

Wolf's Ridge Brewing - Columbus, OH

Wolf's Ridge Brewing is located right on the outskirts of downtown Columbus.  Plenty of street parking all around.  This place is fresh and new.  Tons of seating, fancier looking then most breweries.  Since it was still early (4pm) on a Wednesday it was dead...except for a group of guys who came to drink from Elevator Brewing (the next brewery we were going to). 

 Can see the brewing process from the way back to the bathroom.

Good bartender, quick service.  We ordered a beer sampler with five beers. I like that all the names of the beers reference wolves.  Harvest Wheat was light and crisp tasting, Ridge Tail was light with not much to it, 3am IPA was fruity and had a bitter aftertaste not bad, Howling Moon Double IPA was really hoppy and had a citra taste to it I liked this one easily the most, and lastly the Canis Lycaon Stout was really good.
We ordered a 12$ cheese board, which was good but as you can see below didn't consist of quite much.
All in all I really like this place and wish we had one in my city.   Quality food, good beers, nice scenery, and excellent service...then again it IS brand new so we shall see how it turns out.  Check them out!‎

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