Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mike Hess Brewing - San Diego, CA

We were in San Diego to try some of the best beer in the country! While we were killing time til a local bar opened with a great tap list, we stumbled upon Mike Hess Brewing and checked them out. Apparently it used to be called simply Hess Brewing, but Mike I think wanted some more attention. 

The facility itself is beautiful. You walk down a narrow bridge that overlooks the brewing process.  Upon entering the tasting room, you see lots of seating and a giant bar in the corner.  The seating and the ambiance is quite nice. 

I ordered a sampler, which came with 5 beers AND you get a free beer glass, great deal! I had the Unite Pale Ale which was sweet but tasty, Habitus Rye IPA was okay a little too sweet for me, Solis Occassus IPA was the best beer I had...pretty hoppy, Deceptio Black IPA was good, and the Umbrix Rye Imperial Stout was shockingly VERY good (the bartender recommended this one).

They bottle a lot of their beers.  The prices are low, they're open early, the ambiance is great, great location, good merchandise, their beer for me just didn't match up to some of the better San Diego breweries...but as a local hang out place heck yeah! Check them‎

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