Thursday, July 10, 2014

Harpoon Brewing - Boston, MA

Our last brewery stop in Boston was Harpoon Brewing. I personally never have been a big fan of Harpoon..but this trip changed my mind! First off, the building is massive! Plenty of parking and when you walk in there is a stairway leading right into the tap room.  A giant gift shop to your left, and to your right is tons of picnic bench seating a long with a very very long bar with plenty of seating.  We got a spot towards the back of the bar.
We tried 12 of their beers between 3 samplers.  My girlfriend loved all the UFOs in her sampler..and I will say they were tasty for what they are supposed to be. I can't even go through every beer we had there were a lot! But I did like the IPA, the Rye IPA, and none of the others really blew me away but none were bad.  The highlight for me was their Citra IPA they made.  They also were selling it in bottles exclusively at the I took one home with me and was very good out of the bottle when we drank it. 
We tried the pretzel which I believe is made with the IPA.  The mustard we tried was incredible and it was probably the best pretzel I have had a brewery.
I will say this place shocked me and after we went out to dinner we came back for one more drink. 
I really enjoyed Harpoon and would suggest anyone in Boston goes to check it out.

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