Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tree House Brewing - Monson, MA

First stop, Tree House Brewing in Monson, MA.  We were on our way to Boston and honestly finding out about this place was a strong reason I chose to go to Boston in general. A very small brewery that only will have 1-3 beers on tap at a time.  I will say their website is always up to date so be sure to always check it. We arrived 30 minutes before opening, with the GPS taking us to the wrong address but we figured it out shortly after.  30 minutes early and we already had about 10 people in line waiting with their coolers.  Now let me say this...this place is extremely organized and runs like a well oiled machine.  Let me explain...they have a worker come out about 20 minutes before opening, he handed out little cards in which you fill out which beers you want, which size growlers, if you have your own growler or are buying one of theirs (you HAVE to use a Tree House growler), and then you hand them back to him.  He then comes back out, collects your growlers if you have them.  By the time they opened at 5 pm, the first 8 peoples' growlers were filled and we ourselves were out the door, paid, with our growlers by 5:10.
The brewery itself is a tiny little place, very hot inside. They sell a few different types of glasses, t-shirts, stickers. 

 And when you go up to the counter the workers were VERY nice, pouring samples for anyone would like to try. We had the Julius IPA which was fantastic..very smooth and hoppy.  We also had That's What She Said milk stout.  The term milk stout usually gears me away, but this one was delicious!
All around great experience, great beer and very happy we came! I enjoyed my growlers very much throughout the next couple days of the trip.
More Julius
 If you are within 2 hours of this place, be sure to go see it! They are only open a few days a week for limited hours to be sure to check out their website for updates and

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