Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sam Adams Brewery (Boston Beer Co) - Jamaica Plain, MA

Our second day of our trip kicked off with a 9:45am tour of Sam Adams Brewery.  You can tell this place is efficient. Now let me start by saying, they run tours all day but the 9:45am tour is the only one you can get tickets for in advance..although they do disappear quick!  The other tours just fill up fast, so get there early. Upon arrival, there was a good amount of people but plenty of parking..we parked basically at the entrance maybe people didn't know they could get that close?
Once inside, they give you a Sam Adams beer label to represent your tour time.  We had about 10 minutes to look around at different a bottle of every Sam Adams beer ever made, a basket of hops to smell, and you could even write a post card to someone that they would mail for you for free. 
The tour started, and our guide was awesome.  They ask for a donation at the beginning of the tour or at the end since the tour is free. The first stop is discussing the malts and hops.  He had us actually eat some of the different types of malt, and then rub the hops between our stuff!
Then he explained all the bottling and brewing processes. 
Lastly, the tasting room! We got great seats right at the front.  Over the next 30minutes we were given 3 beers to sample while he explained different aspect of drinking. For example, how to properly drink a beer, the creation of the perfect Sam Adams glass, etc. 
Then you pop out at the gift shop and you're on your way! The tour was amazing and I actually learned stuff. I am not a brewery tour type of guy...I only go if I'm forced to by the brewery but this one is worth it.  You also get to keep your sample glass! The tours are very large, and the gift shop was insane afterwards but hey at that point most people are buzzed and that's okay.
Check out their website for more details, and get your tickets in

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