Sunday, September 7, 2014

Birdland Brewing Co - Horseheads, NY

Our next stop in Horseheads was Birdland Brewing Co.  Located in an industrial area and kind of hidden in a small plaza there was the sign with the drinking bird on it.  We went inside and saw a small room with some merchandise on one side and some bar height tables on the other side.  In front of us was a small bar with a couple of people and we were greeted by the bartender I guess we can call it.

The way it works here is no full pours but you can taste all the beers AND keep the glass for $6. Great deal since they served like 12 beers and also the glass wasn't a tasting glass it was a goblet glass.

We tried each and every beer and enjoyed them all actually.  I didn't have one I was turned off by.  The list below shows all the brews we tried.  A couple stand outs for me were the Blue Bird chocolate blueberry porter...great taste and low alcohol percent, Blue Jay the IPA was really nice and Wild Canary a summer ale.
The place is small but perfect when we were there because we had great conversations with everyone in there and drank at our own pace.  It is a great place to stop into if you're in the area so be sure to check them out!             

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