Monday, September 1, 2014

Market Street Brewing Company - Corning, NY

Our first stop on our Finger Lakes Brewery Tour was at Market Street Brewing Co.  It is just minutes from the Corning Glass Museum which is a great place to stop off and make some glass of your own.
 They offer a 6 beer sampler, but currently 2 of the beers weren't quite ready so we had a guest Pumpkin beer and they allowed us to double up on our favorite brew of the other 4.  Below is a description of the beers we had.  Our favorite was the Wheelhouse IPA.  It wasn't a great IPA but it was drinkable.  The Mad Bug Lager was generic for my taste. D'artagnan Dark wasn't too bad. Bricsoe Bridge Blackberry had a decent blackberry taste to it, but I couldn't drink more than a few sips. It didn't help all the beers weren't quite as cold as I would prefer.

As for food we split a grilled cheese and wings.  The wings were meaty and really tasty! The grilled cheese was also really good and came with their fries that look like chips but are soft like fries.  We enjoyed the food a lot.
The service was great, the place is really nice, and the bartender was really friendly and talked to us for a bit.  If I lived here I would come around a lot for the food and a beer.  Unfortunately the beer didn't make me want to go out of my way to come back, but this place is great in all other ways and will succeed. If you check out the Glass Museum or are just in the area stop in for some

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