Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Road Trip Tasting

After my 2014 summer road trip in which I drove through Boston, Portland, Vermont and New Hampshire I brought up a great crop of beers.  We had an impromptu tasting the following day given the fact I had so many great growlers of Hill Farmstead among many other amazing beers.  So we didn't really rate the beers or anything, but I will say it was definitely in my top 3 day/nights of drinking in my life.  Take a look below at what was being tasted:

We kicked all off with a few Hill Farmstead growlers.  They included Society & Solitude #4, The Susan and The Abner. All were incredible but it seems the overall thought was Society and The Susan stood out just a little more than Abner..but all 3 were top IPAs I've ever had. 
Who we are kidding with Heady Topper? Speaks for itself..but no worries that Heady lasted us a few weeks!
As for the others..they all had great things about them hence why I brought them home.  The Maine Beer Co beers were cheap and bottled the day I was at the brewery. Unfortunately Lunch just didn't do it for us sadly in the bottle..on tap it was incredible dunno what happened. Mo, Zoe, and Another One though were incredible out of the bottle.  
Trillium Brewing offered some FANTASTIC brews especially Fort Point Pale Ale which drinks like a hoppy IPA, Wake Robin Red was awesome and their Farmhouse was the best farmhouse I've ever had.
Allagash had a good effort for a Belgain IPA with fellow Maine brewers Maine Beer Co and Rising Tide. Speaking Rising Tide their Session IPA called Maine Beer Trail was in my top 3 Sessions. 
SoMe from southern Maine was a session I picked up..it wasn't bad.
Harpoon had a Citra IPA I grabbed, great for Harpoon!
Jacks Abby made a great line of Bourbon beers with their Framingham base.  The Coffee outshined the regular Bourbon Aged. 
Lastly Anna from Hill Farmstead...well it speaks for itself..incredible.
Great line up and so glad I could bring home such wonderful beers from the East coast.  These beers are hands down some of the best beers in the country, more specifically best IPAs.

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