Sunday, August 10, 2014

Allagash Brewing Co - Portland, ME

Started off our second day in Portland with a stop to Allagash Brewing Company. I didn't know much about Allagash but I had heard good things. I knew it was heavily a Belgian type of brewery.  They open early daily which is fantastic since we had a full schedule and got to start our day off with a beer!
It was only minutes from the hotel so we got their right around open.  A decent crowd who were waiting for the tour.  We had already been on 3 tours this trip and were hoping to just sample..which they allow! I will say that this is the best FREE beer sampler I have ever seen. Just look below...
We had Victoria, Florence and I sadly forget the other 2. For a guy who isn't into Belgians, I did like these..they were refreshing and had a nice bite to them. The owner was out there talking and he was a really nice guy.  They have a giant gift shop and a beautiful bar all in one big room.  They also sell plenty of beer in the coolers.  I purchased a collabo beer between them and two other local breweries (Rising Tide and Maine Beer Co.  It a Belgian IPA called Prince Tuesday and I enjoyed that a lot once I was home after the trip.
 I also usually would find it weird to take pictures of a bathroom, but this one is really cool.  They found a great way to re-purpose old doors.
I would HIGHLY recommend stopping here. A fantastic free beer sampler, great people, and I assume a great tour if you like tours. Plus their hours are really nice, check them

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