Saturday, June 1, 2013

Brewpubs/Restaurants Day 3 - Portland, OR

On Day 3 we stopped into some food and brewpubs, including Hopworks which I already reviewed so I will be skipping for the others..

-Before we started drinking we needed food.  So we hit up a pizza place we knew was good because of our last trip and that is Hotlips Pizza(side note, we also had dinner their on Day 4), they have locations scattered throughout Portland and we luckily found one right near Deschute's. We each got a slice and ordered GoodLife Brewing Descender IPA which we knew nothing about but it was phenomenal.  But as for the pizza, you can't go wrong whether it's a slice or a whole pie the pepperoni is just amazing. They have plenty more beer to choose from including bottles and can. Being from Buffalo we have some GOOD pizza places but Hotlips is worth the visit if you're in Portland, especially for a late night snack, plus they deliver! Check out their

-After Deschute's, we walked a few short blocks to Henry's Tavern, which is a great beer bar.  They have a HUGE tap list, good prices, great happy hour prices for food, tons of seating including lots of tables outside. We of course took advantage outside and relaxed with a good view of the block. We drank the Boneyard IPA which is so good, Boneyard Triple IPA which was amazing...very strong but very good, and Hop Valley Alpha Cenuari Binary which is a mouthful just to order and not even worth saying all the words..good but nothing special.  Henry's is right in the middle of the downtown area, and their beer list is just sick, so I must say I highly recommend this place.They have a few locations so if you want to check the current tap list ensure you have the right location... 

-We were dying to find Barley Browns IPA the entire trip and luckily after researching online found it at N.W.I.P.A.. So after Gigantic brewing we hopped on the bus and headed there.  Just a basic small bar, nothing too special.  But they had our beer! Which unfortunately was a massive let down...not sure if it was a bad batch, old batch, taste buds were sick of beer, but whatever happened we didn't like it as much as expected.  But as for the bar itself, they sell lots of really good beers in the coolers that you can drink on site...I bought the Russian River Supplication.  We got the oysters since they have a small bar menu...they were average at best.  This place has a small beer menu, mostly IPAs, I would only recommend going here if you're in the area or they have a rare beer..they update their site daily.

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