Saturday, June 1, 2013

Brewpubs/Restaurants Day 4 - Portland, OR

On Day 4 we had repeats including Hotlips and Lucky Lab, but still got a chance to hit up a couple new places...

-Muumuu's is a great restaurant in downtown Portland. They speacialize in a sandwich in which I got...they take ground beef, pound it with fries and sauce and put it on a hoagy.  I must say one of the best sandwiches I can recall in recent history.  They also had Boneyard IPA on tap which is a good thing! I think I know why they call it Muumuus'll end up wearing one after a few trips here. All in all I would say hit this place up!
-Our official last stop on the trip was a bar we never even went to regardless that it was across the street from our hotel.  Wurst is a really nice bar, with a decent amount of taps. No suprise, we had the Boneyard IPA once again.  This place is fun though because they have lots of arcade games and it wasn't too crowded on a Sunday at 7pm.  I recommend it for a beer and bring some quarters for games!

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