Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hair of the Dog Brewing - Portland, OR

Our last brewery of the night was Hair of the Dog.  Somewhat in an industrial part of town, this place is huge.  There were some people sitting outside, and then roughly 30 tables inside with a giant bar to sit at also.  This place is one of THE places according to critics to hit up in Portland to drink.
-Maybe it was the long day, or all the beers we had drank, but I just wasn't blown away by any of the beers. I tried the Ruth Pale was very fruity and not horrible, the Lila Lager not bad, Adam which was good, and the Imperial IPA was good.
-They were all good, not great and in my opinion overpriced, including the merch, the glasses ranged from 4-9$.  They sell lots of t-shirts and other things.

-The best part of this experience however was completely unexpected! As we were picking up to leave a fireworks show started across the water. So we went outside and watched to finish our beer. It was a fantastic fireworks show and was great because it was just random.
-In closing, I'll say if you're in Portland..for history reasons should probably hit up this place but I personally was not blown away by anything, especially after all the great places we had already been. Check them

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