Saturday, June 1, 2013

Amnesia Brewing - Portland, OR

Next brewery was Amnesia. This place was a big difference from Alameda, referring to the size and feel.  This place isn't too big inside...decent sized bar and a few tables. Under a tent out front if a bunch of picnic tables however.

-All we drank was the Copacetic IPA which is only 5.8% but was very good. I really liked the bartender here, she was very friendly, talkative and even was running back and forth from to the bar to the grill outside to cook up food from the menu.

-There wasn't really much in the merch department, maybe a pint glass and a t-shirt at most.
-Not much else to say here, but good IPA, nice setting, good bartender and a recommended stop on the Portland Brewery tour. Check out what they got! Their website doesn't work right now so I am using the next best thing...

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