Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hopworks Urban Brewery - Portland, OR

Next brewery stop was Hopworks. This is one of the very few places I had already tried in the past, but we knew we had to go again. Now we went to the Hop Works Bike Bar on day 2 and the regular Hop Works on day 3 so I'm mixing the reviews together.

-At first entrance, it's obvious the place is packed.  We grabbed a table in the bar and ordered our drinks and some pretzels. I waited at the counter because I wanted to purchase some merch, and the hostess was very polite and helpful.  They sell lots of great stuff from stickers and patches, to t-shirts and various glasses, lots of goodies!
-The pretzels were amazing, and REALLY hit the spot.  The setting is nice, wide open, lots of lighting and everyone enjoying their beers. Our waitress was very quick and efficient.
-As for my beer I got the 10 beer sampler which is served on one of the best trays I've seen yet because it has the name of all the beers you're drinking. My favorite besides the IPA was the 7 Grain of my favorite stouts,The Lager was light and tasty, Double Dry Hop IPX was good, Velvet ESB was very good and I'm typically not an ESB fan, Deluxe Organic Ale was good, Galactic Imperial Red Ale was very strong and I didn't hate it, Organic Granola Ale was light but very good, the Hopworks IPA was extremely good as expected, Session CDA was like a porter but very tasty, and the Sasquash Malty Strong Ale was also good. Basically mostly all good to very good beers.
-When we went to the original Hopworks, we just stuck to the IPA which was good as usual and got a pizza. The pizza wasn't bad,but nothing that blows your socks off.
-We brought up a few 4 packs in cans of the IPA and must say...not impressed.  Not sure if its the date, the can itself, or what but it unfortunately did not live up to expectations.
-All in all Hopworks is a MUST see when in Portland, whether it be the bike bar or the regular...although I think I prefer the bike bar. Check them both

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