Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lompac Brewing (5th Quadrant) - Portland, OR

After Hopworks we walked right around the corner to Lompac Brewing for dinner.  We were able to choose our table which is nice and the place is a good size so at about 7pm there were plenty of open tables.  Our waiter took quite some time to come over, but once he did it was smooth from there. The setting was relaxed and the music was really good.  
 -I got the sampler in which you get their house beers and then can choose a few of your own.  I had the Fools Golden Ale which was very smooth and tasty, Cnote Imperial Pale Ale very good, LSD Lompac Special Draft very tasty, Kick Axe Pale not bad, Resurrection IPA decent, Electric Sheep really good, Proletariat Red was tasty, and the Stout Out Loud nothing special.  Their best beer, which was Gallifrey was only being served next door at Sidebar which I will be reviewing later on.
-You also can buy a pint of a beer and pay an extra small fee of like 1.50$ and have it served in their pint glass which you get to keep, that's a good deal!
-As for the food, we started with NE Clam Chowder and it was fantastic! I also had the meatloaf sandwich, it was OKAY but could of been on better bread. 
-The only complaint I had was the one girls t-shirt I wanted to buy they were out of in the size I wanted, except for the one hung on the wall and they didn't even offer a discount on it because he said it's already pretty cheap (which it was at 12$) but still! Other than that no complaints, fun place, decent beer, right around the corner from Hopworks..worth checking out!

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