Saturday, June 1, 2013

Brewpubs/Restaurants Day 2 - Portland, OR

For Day 2, we hit up a couple good food spots and brewpub...

-First stop was the infamous Voodoo Doughnuts. Last time I was in Portland the line was a mile long..HOWEVER there was a new location around the corner from our hotel and when we went at 9am there was literally 1customer there, perfect! I got a mixed box just so I could try them all, I must say I know why they're so popular these things are AMAZING! My favorites were the Voodoo doll, Butterfinger, M&M, and the Choc/Peanut Butter/Oreo.  If you're in Portland, and you have any type of a sweet tooth you really must check them out worth the wait, but try one of the non downtown locations for a minimal wait. Check out their site for

-For lunch we went to a BBQ joint called Podnah's Pit. Very classy inside for a BBQ place. They have a great beer menu, we got a pitcher of Boneyard Double IPA which was AMAZING. As for the food, people I were with LOVED it, for me personally I enjoyed the ribs very much, the beans were good, collard greens tasty, pulled pork was okay, and brisket was good. My only problem was I didn't like the sauce or cornbread and for me those are the most important. But that's just me, I still recommend checking it out if you like BBQ food and good beer. Check out the

-Before we went to dinner at Lompac, we went next door to Sidebar.  Apparently they have very random hours, so we got lucky it was open. Very nice place, small but nice. The wall is lined with barrells of aging beer and a fireplace.  We luckily got the two couches at the fireplace.  They also serve food.  They have a limited menu but we had the Gallifrey IPA which was really good, very unique and is made by Lompac. So if you're planning a trip to Lompac/Hopworks Bike Bar try to make a stop into Sidebar and hope it's open! Check them
 -Our last stop before stopping into Cascade (again), was to a bar Called Green Dragon, however not much to report.  We went in, they unfortunately didn't have too good of a tap list and left to Cascade. However I will say the place looked nice, REALLY big and seemed like a hot spot for Portland.

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