Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lucky Labrador Brewing - Portland, OR

Our last brewery visit of the day was to Lucky Labrador Brewing...or simply Lucky Lab.  This was in my top 3 favorite breweries of the trip. Let me first say I went to two different Lucky Labs (one on Day 3 and one on Day 4..this will review both collectively). It was HUGE, probably about the size of Hair of the Dog or Alameda but had more of a barn type feel.  Needless to say, tons of seating at picnic tables and even more outside.
-This place felt like a brewery, lots of merch hanging about the bar, good music playing, and I must say the coasters were my favorite coaster of the trip.  I also purchased a glass even though they weren't quite my favorite type of glass.
-They had great art work of dogs spread throughout the brewery too which is why I loved it even more.
 -Now onto the beer...I got a sampler on Day 3. No Pitty Pale Ale I liked a lot, Byron's Pale Ale was okay, Blue Dog Amber not bad, Tim's Beer was good and light, Super Dog IPA was one of the BEST beers of the trip, and lastly Cascadian Dark Ale not bad.  On Day 4 we just got pints of Super Dog IPA and man it is tasty.
-You can buy a 22oz bottle on site, but no where else in Portland as far as I understand.  I highly recommend if you're an IPA person get this beer.
-With three locations spread throughout Portland this is a MUST stop for any brewery tour you may go on in Portland ..check out their locations and other

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