Saturday, June 1, 2013

Deschute's Brewery - Portland, OR

On Day 3, our first brewery stop was Deschute's Brewery. This place was another I had been to on my first visit years ago, but didn't remember much.  We arrived at about 12:30 and this place was PACKED. Funny thing is, it's the biggest brewery I've ever been to and had a line out the door.  We luckily were able to grab a bar table which doesn't require a reservation.  Our bartender quickly arrived and was a nice guy, he seemed to be pouring his own drinks for his tables so it was understandable that he wasn't there every two minutes asking if everything is okay.
 -As always I did the sample, they had so much to choose from and every beer was free range for the sampler. I went with the Fresh Squeezed IPA Cask which was very good, Cinder Cone Red was very good, White IPA I liked a lot, Hop Henge was decent, Inversion IPA which is their flagship IPA was really good as expected, Double Impact Double IPA was just fantastic best beer of them all, and the Oatmeal Pale was pretty bad unfortunately. Needless to say they were about 80% success which is better than I could imagine in a brewery taster platter. 
-We ate the pretzel which unfortunately wasn't as good as memory serves. Hopworks killed them in a taste test for pretzels.
-Merch wise, they have a LOT. I bought a beer sampler glass and my girlfriend a great "how beer is made" t-shirt, and they had lots of other great stuff, and even more on their online store. Plus the girls at the counter also act as hostess' and they were GREAT help and very polite even though it was extremely busy. 

-Deschute's is a must if you're in Portland...great beer, I'm sure the food is good, and good service, just plan on waiting at least 20minutes if you want a regular table. Check out their

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