Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gigantic Brewing - Portland, OR

Next brewery stop was Gigantic Brewing. For me, this was the most disappointing...but let me explain. We had tried their IPA days earlier at I believe Belmont? We really liked it so said we should check out the brewery. Well once getting off the bus, it ended up being a pretty good hike, which normally I wouldn't mind but it was industrial area so not very scenic or interesting.
-Not a soul in site for half a mile then we show up and the place is PACKED. It wasn't a horrible looking place, reminded me a lot of Amnesia.  Luckily they have lots of outdoor seating. I got the sampler which was served in a little cheap plastic basket.  Plus, I felt like by ordering the sampler I was annoying the bartender..understandable.  Then I asked to buy a glass they sell, and said they were out although they had about 50 behind the bar but okay I understand you need them for customers and can't sell them it's fine I'll keep my money. 
-As for the beers I had Timer Traveler porter which was okay, The End of Reason which was decent, Old Man Growers Holiday Tripple I liked a lot, Dark Meddle Vienna Lager good, and Whole in the Head Imperial I like a lot, plus the Gigantic IPA which is pretty damn good.
-All in all I did enjoy a couple of the beers, but the trip all the out there just wasn't worth it for me, but hey if you'd like to check them out feel

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