Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bell's Eccentric Cafe - Kalamazoo, MI

Our last stop on this short beer day was Bell's Eccentric Cafe of course serving Bell's beers but I don't believe this is the actual brewery.  I have had plenty of Bell's in the past, Expedition Stout has always stood out and Two Hearted IPA has been a constant favorite (although to me it hasn't been as good last year or so).  So going to this brewery was really rounded out the big 4 on the trip of Founders, Three Floyds, Surly and now Bell's.  Getting there, I realized Kalamazoo is NOT a very good city. I didn't see much of anything I liked, and Bell's is in kind of a dead area.  They have private parking but not a lot but there's plenty of parking all around.  Inside there's a nice enclosed patio, plenty of seating inside with a big bar.  The bartender was very good and knew her stuff to help us decide what we wanted in our samplers since their menu is outrageous for beer. 
-As for the drinks we had so many I'm just going to list them..
Mead - champagne taste, smooth
-Wild One Intense Sour Brown - real good sour
-Wedding Ale Spiced Honey Wheat - tasted like Trix..not sure if that's good or bad
-Smoked Stout - typical but good
-Midwestern Pale - typical pale but not bad
-Sparkle Berry - nice after taste
-Exp Hop #2 Black IPA - hoppy nice
-Exp Hop #3 - not bad
-Le Pianiste French Farmhouse Amber - decent
-Debs Red - nice
-Roundhouse - very nice and hoppy
-Two Hearted - disappointed it was just okay
-Larry's Latest Lager - decent
-Dagger Stout - tasty real nice
-All in all I was disappointed..there was like 3-4 I enjoyed but the rest just weren't that great and I expected more from them.  I brought home a bottle of Kalamazoo IPA they just made and it wasn't good either.  So out of my the BIG 4 breweries I went to I would say this is dead last. They have a great gift shop but it was closed when we got there, we went the next morning since it was close by.  I still think it's always worth checking out, but I would plan on stopping here and driving right thru Kalamazoo I don't think it's worth a day trip but maybe I just didn't see the good part of this city...but check out Bell's‎

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