Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Three Floyds Brewing - Munster, IN

This was my most exciting/nerve racking stop of the whole trip. For beer nerds, Three Floyds is one of those MUST have beers.  So many of their beers are very highly rated, most notably Zombie Dust.  They update their beer list everyday (on tap and for purchase).  For weeks leading up to it Zombie Dust was on the 6 pack list, on and off each day, so I was very nervous if I'd get me a case or 2 if it were there.  We drove from Grand Rapids to Munster...different time zones we had an extra hour. We arrived at 11:25 (they open 11:30).  They have a different entrance for beer purchase, with only one guy waiting at the door I was even more nervous. Once inside it's just a little window, the guy was VERY helpful and nice but unfortunately no Zombie Dust. But I still got a case of Alpha King and a mixed pack of all different 22s (including Dreadnaught, Apocalypse Cow, and Arctic Panzer Wolf). **Side note, I ended up tracking down a 6 pack of Zombie Dust at a diner, I convinced them to sell me a 6 pack and I had to pay 6$ a bottle!
-Now I am a constant Yelp reader and there were endless reviews stating how horrible customer service is at Three Floyds from the hostess to the waiters to the bartenders. Thankfully we were there right when they opened, so we sat at the bar. Luckily for me Zombie Dust was on tap! I will review beers in a minute...the bartender wasn't the friendliest guy but going into this expecting the worst he seemed nice compared to what I expected. They play metal music, but I barely even noticed, lots of reviewers said it's SUPER loud but it's not (maybe later at night?). They deck the place out with random toys, old Floyds bottles (which have awesome designs) and just other random stuff. 
-We split the Bison burger, pulled pork sandwich and the poutine.  They all were very good! I read a lot of reviews that the food is mediocre and overpriced, while I kind of agree with the latter I will say it was very tasty especially for brewery food.
-Now to the beers...Zombie Dust pale ale just hands down amazing in my top 3 beers ever, Alpha King pale ale was amazing, Jinx Proof pale ale was eh, Gumball Head wheat is really good and never would guess it's a wheat, Masonic Rite was good you can taste the blood orange, Evil Power pils was smooth, Arctic Panzer Wolf double IPA was strong and not bad, Apocalypse Cow double IPA is tasty but strong, and Dreadnaught double IPA was strong but VERY good. 
-All in all, their worst beer was better than most beers I have at other breweries and they have about 4-6 AMAZING beers regularly on tap here. The food is good. From what I read, if you show up at night be expected to wait a long time, and they don't let you wait inside you have to give your name and go wait outside. I highly recommend going when they open if you's worth a day off of work!
-As for merchandise, they have t-shirts, an AWESOME glass, some bad ass stickers and some of the best coasters I've ever seen.
-My favorite brewery stop on my entire trip, very close to Founders and Surly (which I'm reviewing later). Check out their website for more info and a tap

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