Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Perrin Brewing - Comstock Park, MI

Few hours of driving after Quay and we made it to our first "Grand Rapids" brewery (it's technically not in Grand Rapids).  This place is HUGE. Tons of tables, decent sized bar and lots of merchandise for sale.. Just look below and can see how nice this place is.
-We had a snack here also...fried pickles and onion rings.  Both were very good and just like Quay they came with great sauces.
-As for the beer we tried just about all of them on the massive beer list. The Rye Wine was strong not bad, Golden Ale usual taste but good, Raspberry Blonde not bad, Amber was light and good, Gateway XPA was very nice, Pale Ale was very nice, Peace Out stout was smokey not bad, Grapefruit IPA tasted a lot like grapefruit which I'm not a huge fan of so I didn't love this beer, the IPA was tasty I liked it, Black Manifesto was very good, and the Rapture Strong Ale was different but good.
-Overall the place is out of the way but I highly recommend this brewery, lots of good beer, good food, nice atmosphere, plenty of parking...check them out!

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