Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Revolution Brewing - Chicago, IL

Next stop was Revolution Brewing.  Lots of construction going on but we didn't have to park too far away.  When you walk in the place is just HUGE. Seating to the left and right, and a giant all around bar.  Since it was still early, the place wasn't too packed.  We sat at the bar and had a very nice bartender. At the entrance they have a small stand for merch, just typical stuff like t-shorts, towels, and not much more. 
-As for the beer I had the Anti-hero IPA which was nice, Coup D'etat was good but not my taste, Dos Osos was really good, Crystal Hero IPA was eh, Double Fist Strong Pale was good but nothing special.
-Not much else to talk about this place, a good beer selection, chill setting, lots of space, good beers, if you're in Chicago for breweries there isn't many and this is a definite stop! Check out their

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