Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bravo! Restaurant & Cafe - Portage, MI

Now don't get this place confused with Bravo! the actual restaurant in malls and whatnot, this is a single location not a chain.  They are a brewery and make their own beer.  Just like Paw Paw they are off the thruway.  It is a very "fancy" type place once you go in.  Not your typical brewery but I would call it a nice restaurant that just happens to make their own beer. 
-The bartender was a very nice guy, the place was dead so granted he didn't have much to do but he still was very polite.  We ordered a pizza which was FANTASTIC.  They also give you little bowls of snacks, bread, and of course we got their beers.
-A-Damn Good Beer Pale Ale was real nice, Chefs Ale Amber Apple Cider was tasty and smooth, Vanilla Bean Porter was nice and smooth, Blonde Ambition Blonde Ale not for me, and the Summer Daze IPA was very hoppy I really liked it a lot. 
-Overall I would say if you're in the area, jump off the thruway stop in for a beer and lunch or dinner it's worth it.  Check out their‎

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