Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Holland Brewing - Holland, MI

First brewery on Day 2 was New Holland about 40 minutes outside of Grand Rapids. I really like the location of this's a cute little town with lots of small local shops and just a comfortable, clean feeling to the entire area.
-Walking in there's a decent sized gift shop on the left and the right is the restaurant with plenty of tables and a very long bar with plenty of seating. We took a seat at the bar. The waitress was very helpful and polite.
-As for the beer, they have a LOT of beers on tap and they're all listed on an electronic screen which I haven't seen til now.
 I luckily was there for IPA month which is during June and they have a whole lot of different types of IPAs on tap, they also bottle all these IPAs which all have a Alice in Wonderland feel to the labels.  First was the Black Hatter IPA which is a black IPA it was real nice, Farmhouse Hatter which is a Belgian Style IPA it was light and smooth, Michigan Hatter made with Michigan hops was smooth and light, Oak Aged Hatter had a good oak taste and was very smooth, Rye Hatter was kind of hoppy and wasn't bad, Mad Hatter IPA was good, and the Imperial Hatter was my least favorite of the IPA collection just a little too thick and malty for me.  Other beers I tasted were Monkey King which had a nice bite to it and had a banana after taste, Sundog Amber ale was kind of yeasty wasn't a huge fan, Oatmeal Stout was smooth, Four Witches Black Saison was okay, and Dragons Milk Stout you can taste the bourbon, it was good.

-We had some sandwiches, they weren't anything spectacular, fries were kind of cold but the veggie burger is homemade and it was good.
-They have lots of cool merchandise from t-shirts, magnets, stickers, glasses and posters.
-I highly recommend New Holland...good beer, nice area, decent food, it was a very nice brewery to visit and has a good variety of beers for everyone.  Check out their

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