Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fulton Brewery - Minneapolis, MN

Next stop was Fulton Brewery, located under a bridge basically and no parking in sight, we found it and walked.  Inside this is a good sized brewery lots of space. Unfortunately we must of walked into some type of work thing or reunion because it was slammed and most people had name tags on.  The service at the bar was horrific, we asked our female bartender for a sampler in which we got a snappy attitude and told they don't do them...okay that's fine.  But then when we tried to order pints we wanted to ask a question or two and once again got plenty of attitude...I get it..you're busy and have lots of people to take care of but you're a brewery..know your shit and be ready to answer questions about your beer.
-We ordered Sweet Child of Vine IPA which was really nice, The Ringer Pale Ale was real nice, and Lonely Blonde American Blonde was nice. 
-Then my girlfriend went to the bar to ask for coasters, she waited almost ten minutes and finally just grabbed some off the bar in which a regular (who had been flirting with her for a few minutes) said "you can't take those...my friend works hard for this place"..well they're coasters we didn't take the beers from the tap.  Next I went to the merchandise stand at the entrance, and just wanted to get a sticker..I waited about 5 minutes..TWO workers walked by didn't ask if I needed anything so I took a couple..I was certain they were free anyway but I wanted to be sure.
-All in all this place is full of hipsters who think they're really cool cause they brew beer..I'll give them SOME credit they make pretty good beer, but their customer service blows and if they aren't usually that slammed and that was why the service sucked well I guess try to find out for yourself but don't expect top notch service...www.fultonbeer.com/‎

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