Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Alchemy Brewing - Waterbury, VT,c_limit,q_80,d_brew_def.jpg/brew_4275.jpg
Now granted I did NOT actually visit this brewery, however my brother did and I got the low down..however by the end of this year I do plan on going to see it myself.
-This place became popular because of one beer..The Alchemist Heady Topper and after drinking one I know's quite possibly one of the best beers in this country.  It is served in a tall can. You can only buy it at the brewery and limited stores in the area, and from what I was told it isn't extremely easy to find. However with some detective skills, they got plenty of cases.
-This beer is served quite thick, and we learned that turning it upside down for some time before drank will heighten the taste because a lot of the goodies in the beer are at the bottom...don't believe us? Try it for yourself!
-We also agreed, this is one of few micro brews that tastes just as good if not better when drank out of the can.
-Heed our advice...if you live any where in this area or within 8 hours driving this beer is WORTH every penny and every mile driven.
Are you ready for a heady? Check them out!

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