Tuesday, May 21, 2013

San Diego, CA

I went to San Diego about two years ago, before I was as much of a hophead as I am now. But I will say every place I went to was outstanding! The following posts are basically what I can remember, but anyone who has the chance to visit San Diego for a brewery tour, do it!

But before I get to the breweries I'd like to quickly mention a few good non-brewery places to visit...

A fun bar within San Diego we visited was Toranado.  This place has so much on tap! Plus they have tons of board games for the customers. We grabbed Trivial Pursuit, ordered beers and went to sit in the back patio. They also serve food.
-Just a fun place to visit! Check them out.www.toronadosd.com/

-Another must go to place is URBN…a pizza place with awesome beer. This place was MASSIVE with plenty of seating.  We ordered lots of delicious pizzas and had our beers served in growlers. If you want another good pizza place with good beer, look now further! Check them out.www.urbnnorthpark.com/


-On July 4th we hit up the beach and first stop was Pacific Beach AleHouse. This was a very nice place for being a beach restaurant. Two floors, very classy, and lots of good beers on tap! One complaint…they only have one bathroom and the men’s bathroom has ONE stall and excuse my grossness but it was filled with “you know what” to the brim and looked like the end of the night dive bar type bathroom however it was 11am, very disgusting! But hey, shit happens literally I guess, other than that I recommend stopping in for a brew here or a sampler.Check them out. http://www.pbalehouse.com/

A successful beer trip..even though I didn’t make it to Alesmith or Russian River doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy their beer.

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