Friday, May 3, 2013

Selins Grove Brewery: Selins Grove, PA
On our final trek home from Asheville and Hershey we stopped in Selins Grove because their IPA had gotten rave reviews it also just was tapped days earlier. Very cute little town it's located.  A little confusion with their sign outside since it said they opened at noon, but online it said 11:30 and we got there at 11:20. Luckily, the owner was outside and said it was an old sign they have to change.  He let us take a look into his little brewery shed.  Very impressive!
-We say for lunch and thank God we made it on time, by 12:30 the place was PACKED and there was a waiting line. The food was tasty, nothing spectacular.  The waitress was very friendly and knowledgeable.
-Although we went for the IPA I decided to try them all just in case there was another gem.  The IPA was good but not GREAT as we hopped. All the others I tasted were good but nothing I was amazed by. I would say their Pale Ale was actually my hands down favorite after the IPA.
-One problem with Selins Grove however. We had people at home relying on us bringing home this awesome IPA. So we had 2 growlers filled with the IPA and one with the Pale Ale.  Well the next day when we drank it..flat. No where near how it tasted when we were there. And I believe this is why: when most places fill growlers they let the growler overflow until all the head is out and they cap it and you're on your way. Selins Grove the waitress filled it about 80% and let the head settle, then 5 minutes later filled 10% more, let the head settle, etc....Well I'm not beer expert but I have a good indication this will ruin the beer. waste some beer by letting it overflow but hey that's the sacrifice you take.
-Besides that however I highly recommend trying it out if you're driving through and have some time. Very neat place. I just wouldn't plan on filling growlers.
-Check them out!

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