Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nano Brewery - Cleveland, OH
Didn't know much about Nano Brewery, but it was only a 2 min walk from Great Lakes. It is new, clean, and basically a long rectangular bar.  Long bar, bunch of tables, small bar menu, and a bunch of seating in the back patio area with an additional bar. It is a fun place with a decent beer includes a few of their own and then a bunch of guest beers.
-All I really tried in terms of beer was the Cluster Bomb IPA, it wasn't bad. Didn't blow me away but this place is just a fun place to hang out.
-They had giant Jenga which I thought was great.
-This place is a minute from Great Lakes and Market Garden so why not stop in? Worth it! As for merch, they really just had glasses and I believe tshirts. Check them out!

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