Saturday, May 18, 2013

Willoughby Brewing - Willoughby, OH
This was our first stop on our way to Cleveland. It is slightly buried behind other buildings. Very glad we made this stop! The street it's located on is very cute, with a bunch of little mom and pop stores, food places and behind it all is giant Willoughby brewing.
-The beer we sampled a bunch. Their "best" beer was listed as the Peanut Butter Coffee wasn't horrible, but tasted mostly coffee.  The Moonshadow IPA was very nice, really hoppy.  The porter was okay.  The Pale Ale was delicious.
-As for food we got the app platter which was a pretzel, buffalo egg rolls, chicken quesadilla and it came with a great beer cheese and was all delicious and worth getting for two. The mac and cheese was A LOT of food, but also very tasty.
-The bartender whose name escapes me was an awesome guy, very knowledgeable and extremely nice.  I also noticed many of the staff were special needs adults and thought it was really cool that the owners give out jobs to any qualified person and don't discriminate, so bonus points there!
-All in all, this place was awesome. The size is just massive inside, two separate bars both equally huge, one inside and one outside, very clean, and just an all around great place to sit back and drink.
-Check them out sometime!

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