Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Highland Brewing - Asheville, NC
-Our next visit was Highland Brewing. They didn't open til 4 but we walked in ten minutes early and already saw plenty of people I wouldn't hold them to 4pm to the dot.
-First off, this place wasn't easy to find. We made our turn and drove right past the entrance. Granted, after our U-turn we realized there was Highland Brewing with an arrow sign we didn't see our first time passing but it's there. You drive up about 30 seconds and then there it is.
-The exterior is beautiful...wonderful steel work as you will see below in the pictures.  When we walked in the brewery was massive.  A few picnic tables and bar top tables, but I felt like a lot of wasted room. Random offices off the to the side, and a stage set up for live music.  The hostess was about to start a brewery tour so we took advantage and stole a bar spot while all the other people went on the tour.
-The bartender was great and very knowledgeable of his place of employment. 
-The merhandise counter had lots of offer..including tshirts, free stickers (score!), and much much more.
-I ordered their I always do, and I like the board it came on because it included the names of each beer I was drinking (see below).  However one thing did bother me...the sample glasses I drank out of contained a Scottish man. When I purchased a sample glass from the bartender I expected this same glass...but once I got home and unwrapped it I realized it was a boring "Highland Brewing" with no Scottish man sample glass...o well! Their tulip glass is excellent (see below).
-As for beers...I had the Coffee Porter(not bad), Little Hump Pale (decent), St Therese Pale Ale (decent), Oatmeal Porter (tasty), Kashmir IPA (not bad), Gaelic Ale (decent), Black Mocha Stout (good), and Devils Britches iPA(the best of them all). Check them out!

 Brought the Imperial Kashmir home...not bad at all!

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