Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cascade Brewing Barrel House - Portland, OR

I had been to Portland before but only went to a couple of places. One of those places was Cascade and was looking forward to going back. It was later in the night so as expected, pretty crowded.  Lots of seating, nice atmosphere, and probably the most expensive brewery you could stop into, reason being? SOURS! I’m somewhat a fan of sours, but Cascade makes some great ones. The service is good, even though it was crowded. However, only complaint is the second night we went the waitress asked a couple members of our group if they were "trashed"...now yes we had a few beers but not falling over sloppy and made it very uncomfortable for us to stay there..which is why we left shortly after.
-I started off like an idiot trying something rather than the sours. I had a sip of the IPA and Pale Ale and neither were very good.  Next up was a taste of the Chocolate Bournonic Plague, this was good but strong.  Next was the Noyaux, this was VERY VERY good. Next try was the Blueberry sour, this also was amazing.  Next, 2010 Apricot, this was hands down my favorite and just delicious.  Lastly was the Strawberry Crème, very unique and tasty but tough to drink a lot of it.
-As for merch, you can buy a lot of their beers, also they had t-shirts and hats, and stickers I had to purchase…bring on the free stickers!

-All in all this place is a MUST for sour lovers or even someone who wants to give sours a try. Fun place, good crowd and tasty sours. Check out their beers.www.cascadebrewingbarrelhouse.com

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