Saturday, May 18, 2013

Brew Kettle Brewing - Strongsville, OH!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_500/brew-20kettle-20logo.jpg

-After Willougbhy we drove right past Cleveland and headed a little further west.  First stop was Fat Heads to get all the beer we needed, but that was already reviewed below. Our next stop was Brew Kettle...we were here for one reason and that was White Rajah. We had called ahead and they said they were out, but I was hoping they brewed more six packs because I wanted to bring some home.
-Once we got there I was shocked by the size. It was in a small plaza and NOT what I expected but hey that's okay.  Once inside it was a little dumpy with lots of beer junk stapled on the walls and a long bar inside the bar area. Took some seats at the bar and had a very nice bartender. I ordered a sampler of a few of their beers.  Then I headed to the back to see if they had any six packs for before I finish my story let me say this..
They had one the COOLEST things I have ever seen at a brewery. People sign up and get to brew their own beer. They show up, choose a recipe, and make a beer. Then weeks later come back, bottle in and they even get to design their own bottle. I was told the price was somewhere around 150$ but you get something like 30 bottles of your own beer, I think it was very unique and apparently this is why/how Brew Kettle began.
...back to my story however, they had a few six packs in the cooler and the lady at the counter said I could purchase a case (only 2 six packs per 2 for me and 2 for my girlfriend so a case total).  So I go, enjoy my sampler, pay for a case and go back to the back of the place to get it. Well apprently they DIDN'T have a case in the back. I refused to buy cold six packs since I wouldn't be able to keep it cold, so I got a refund and moved on. (Luckily I found a crap ton of it at a grocery story right down the road where there was no limit so I bought two cases, unfortunately once home some didn't taste as fresh as others, ooo well).

-Now, as for the beer. The White Rajah was good as we hoped. VERY hoppy and fruity tasting, lots of flavor. The Pale was hoppy and tasty. The Imperial IPA was very good as well.

-In closing, I recommend this place for the White Rajah, however I didn't have the GREATEST experience at the brewery itself...from the miscommunication of the cases to the dingy feel of the place, so I would recommend to sign up for the beer making or stop in for a Rajah at the bar...otherwise just grab some at the local grocery store.
Check them out!

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