Wednesday, May 15, 2013

North Country Brewing - Slippery Rock, PA
-Another stop on our way home from Pittsburgh was North Country Brewing located in Slippery Rock. Very fun place to go.  The wood work is extremely unique and nice.  When you walk in, it feels like you're in a giant cabin...but with lots of beer.
-We had duck wings (chicken wings but duck) which were very tasty and a pretzel which had very delicious dipping sauces.
-As for the beer, I got a sampler..of course.  I really liked the flight wooden casing it was served in. You could order a flight of 6, 9 or 12 beers. I went with 9. Station 33 Firehouse Red (good), Something's-A-Rye (good), Calypso Pale Ale (not bad), Paleo IPA (very tasty), and the others I can't recall, but none were BAD at the same time none were outstanding.
-For merch, they had plenty of tshirts and a few glasses.  I must say even the bathroom was unique (see below).
-All in all a fun place to check out, only minutes off the thru way and opens early, definitely worth checking out! Check out their site...

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