Sunday, May 19, 2013

Great Lakes Brewery - Cleveland, OH
After checking out Bottlehouse we went to the hotel, and took a shuttle to the bar area. Within one block we had Great Lakes, Nano Brewing AND Market Garden Brewery. First stop...the massive Great Lakes.
-It was about 6ish on a gorgeous day so of course Great Lakes was packed. But the place is so big seating isn't an issue..well unless you want dinner. But we just went to drink. I've tried almost all their beers so I figured I'd get a sampler for fun.  Well the bar was PACKED, but I was taken care of quickly and even though she was getting pulled 10 directions the bartender was awesome. Most breweries don't do samplers when it's THAT busy, but hey 11 beers for like 16$ was a steal. I had to be careful carrying them outside...almost got knocked over twice, and also was asked by two different people what it is I had..they both ran to the bar to get themselves a sampler.

-I could rate the beer, but I will just say I think anything Great Lakes makes is good. A few stand out, but I enjoy all their beers. Rye of the Tiger IPA is okay, Commodore Perry is yummy, Edmund Fitzgerald is very good, Eliot Ness is very good, Burning River is good, Dortmunder Gold is okay..but I'm not into very light beers, Conway's Irish Ale was a hit with the lady, and the others which were just special brews were all good but nothing outstanding (Butcher's Brew, Rally Red Drum Ale, Red Right 88).
-We sat outside drinking for nearly an hour and really enjoyed the scenery. After our drinks we checked out the gift shop which is next to the brewery, and they have just about anything you can imagine. We bought a glass, stickers, coasters, tin sign and a bunch of posters that were on sale for like 3$.
-If you're in Cleveland you HAVE to go to Great Lakes. Awesome atmosphere, nice people and a lot of fun but I do suggest you go earlier than later. Check them out!

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