Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bottlehouse Brewery - Cleveland Heights, OH
-Bottlehouse Brewery is located in a great part of town. Lots of little shops and an all around nice area.  We parked right out front on the street around 3pm on a Saturday and the place was completely empty..which i prefer.  Lots of outside seating, and with a gorgeous sunny day it was perfect. Walking in you see a MASSIVE open room with picnic tables scattered about, a small stage for bands, a father and son playing Jenga and then one of my favorite things I've seen in a brewery to date..pinball machines!
-We sat at the bar, chatted with the bartender who was very knowledgable and a very nice guy. He even invited us into the back to check out the brewing process. I'm usually not a brew tour person..seen one seen em all, but I respected him asking and it was fun to see! Basically they are making small batches now and slowly growing, I wish em luck!
-We ordered our beers and then were even given our first quarter to go play pinball.
-As for the beers...the North Coast IPA was really hoppy and tasty, the Hopturnal was pretty good, Pale Ale was good, Wheat was tasty, Sunlight Saison was very good and the ESB wasn't bad.
-Not much in the merch category, but I did get a glass. 
-All in all I highly recommend this place. All the beers were tasty, the setting is fun, and just seemed like a great place to be at night with live music and pinball. Check them out!

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