Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cornerstone Brewing - Berea, OH

After Brew Kettle we stopped up at Cornerstone Brewing. It was in a very nice little part of town with lots of little shops in the area.
-Walking in we realized it isn't your typical brewery. This brewery was polar opposite of Brew Kettle...EXTREMELY fancy. It was more of a nice restaurant that happened to brew their own beers.
-As for the beer, I had the Seven IPA (it was just okay), Red Headed Step Child (not bad), Evil Entity X (I think it was a black IPA, it was just okay), Angry Gorilla (hint of banana, it was tasty).
-As for food we had the pesto pizza, it was very good!
-Worth checking out if you're around, but they do not bottle any of their beers, not even sure if they do growlers I didn't ask, but nothing jaw dropping unfortunately...they didn't even really have merch for sale which was unfortunate. But feel free to check them 

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