Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Full Pint Brewery - North Versailies, PA
Full Pint is outside of Pittsburgh.  They were fantastic! We just happened to be going the day Festivus was being released.
-They had about 12 beers on tap and I must say just about all weren't bad at all! Their Chinookie IPA was surprisingly amazing. A fantastic IPA. Night of the Living Stout was very delicious. The TRIpa was really tasty. I really enjoyed the Festivus. All in Amber was good. And the others were all moderate but not gross.
-The brewery itself is tough to find, its set back and in a garage.  But once inside its got a lot of space. It was all decked out for their event so there was a good crowd. The workers were very nice and you could even go in the back and check out the brewery.
-It's the little things I like in breweries and I must say the artwork on their bottles in some of the most original, fun design I've seen.
-As for merch you can get a pint glass, tshirts. I brought home a mixed case which was extremely fresh, and I brought home one beer of each kind they had, and then mostly Chinookie because it was outstanding.
-All in all I highly recommend checking out Full Pint, it's worth the drive!! Check them out..

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