Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Migration Brewing - Portland, OR

Migration is still a new brewery, but I will say it is gorgeous.  Pretty big with lots of outside picnic tables.  The inside is a good size, VERY clean looking and spacious.  The ambience was nice, good menu, the bartender was very polite and nice. 

-As for the beer, I will say the sample try I got here is easily the best sample tray I’ve ever had.  Typically you get dinky 4oz glasses which don’t allow you to really let the beer breathe.  But with these tulip glasses, the beer could breathe, and I could really smell it and enjoy each beer.  The 503 IPA was very tasty at 7.3 it was very good.  Old Silenus Strong Ale was just that…strong but good. PDX Kolsh was light and tasty. The Migration Pale Ale was light and tasty also.  Glisan St. Dry Hop was really good.  Luscious Lupin IPA was good but the 503 was much better.  The Blood Sweat and Red wasn’t bad, I was hoping for better. 
-Not much in the merch department..they had a glass, t-shirt, and stickers.
-All in all a great experience, great workers, beautiful layout inside and tasty beer, so check them out! migrationbrewing.com/

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