Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wedge Brewing - Asheville, NC
-Wedge was another brewery that took a minute to find. It is located in Wedge first we went up to the art gallery and were waiting for the beer to show up. But after asking someone we found out its BEHIND the building. So we went to the right, down the steps, and saw a nice grungy looking area.  Inside was Wedge Brewing.
-A tiny little bar to order your drinks. I tried the sampler of course and continued outside to enjoy the scenery.
-Looking out at a railroad track and giant backyard with lawn games and picnic tables for guests. This places furniture selection reminded me of Pigsah Brewing but I think Wedge felt like the furniture belonged there unlike the misplacement at Pigsah. Bathroom was pretty disgusting and I felt dirty after leaving, but for a local I can see this place being a good time on a Friday night.
-As for the beer I tried them all. It looked like Golem was their most popular, a strong golden ale, it wasn't bad. The Iron Rail IPA was also not too bad. As for all the others I tried..nothing really stood out to me, but maybe it was because I was coming off the heels of Wicked Weed and LAB.
-I would recommend stopping in for a beer just to see the uniqueness of this place.  Plus it's only a few minutes from the city.Check them out!

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