Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fire on the Mountain - Portland, OR

After checking into the hotel on Burnside, our first stop was Fire on the Mountain, a place that specializes in chicken wings. One nice thing about this place is they have about 16 sauces and they have a counter set up to try them all before ordering.  Besides wings, they have much more food. You can order 24 wings with four different sauces (so 6 wings of each sauce) which I think is really nice.

-We got the Jamaican Jerk (not for me but tasty), Raspberry Habanera (really good), Hot (kind of spicy but good) and the Chipotle Bourbon (my favorite). Now I’m from Buffalo, so I’ve had some amazing wings…the wings themselves were pretty small and slimy but the sauces were great! They have a SUPER SUPER hot sauce I forget the name of it, but if you eat a certain amount you get your name and picture on the wall with the official wing hat.

-The atmosphere is really nice. Lots of high top seating and normal tables.  Also really liked the art work.

-As for the beer, they have about 4 of their own on tap.  The Wonderin Rye Pale was very good especially with the wings.  The Shocks of Sheba IPA was also very good.
-As for the merch they just had some t-shirts and hats.

-Recommended for a quick bite of wings with a few friends, a pitcher of good beer and nice setting. Check them out…www.portlandwings.com/

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