Saturday, May 4, 2013

Country Boy Brewing - Lexington, KY
After West Sixth we stopped at Country Boy Brewing. They were only about 6 minutes a part, perfect! Country Boy had a sign out front, but like many breweries it's basically set in a warehouse/garage setting. Once inside it's basically a few tables and a bar with some tvs. This place was much more of a grunge feel than West Sixth which is good because it gives people options.
-For merchandise they basically just sold tshirts and pint glasses. 
-The beer list was great! Many guest brews and TONS of their own brews. I had a flight of 4 beers, served in a flight in the shape of a truck which I find unique and creative. I ended up having 3 flights because there were just so many choices. 
-First flight was the Belma IPA (very good), Knotty Pine Double IPA (very hoppy and tasty), Cliff Jumper IPA (decent), and the Pale Ale (very good). Next was the Bourbon BLL Black Gold (tasted like candy, tasty), Double BBL Shotgun Wedding (tasty), Amos Moses (good) and Nacho Bait (good). Lastly was the Amber (not bad), Nacho Bait with jalapenos (interesting, decent taste), a Brown which was decent and one other I forget.  What was awesome is that they also had Three Floyds Gumball Head, pretty impressive!
-If you are in Lexington, make sure to go check out Country Boy and West Sixth.
Check them out!

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