Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Laurelwood Brewing - Portland Airport, OR

Our first stop in Portland was at the airport. Laurelwood is known to make good beer so we were excited, even after a long day of traveling. There are two locations in the airport, one at concord E and one at concord A….we went to A. There were about 12 tables and a bar with about 6 seats.  I was able to get the sampler which was nice…great way to start to the trip! Service wasn’t the best, but I didn’t care at that point. 

-I will throw this in…we wanted to bring beer home from Laurelwood, you’re not allowed to go through security with alcohol, BUT you can buy beer once in the airport and bring it onto the plane. Therefore on our way back we had a late flight but made Laurelwood right before they closed. Bought 4 Workhorse IPAs and the Portlandia Pils.  The workers were VERY helpful even though it was the end of the day; even helped us wrap them in newspaper. (Sadly, our connecting flight in Boston made everyone go through security AGAIN, so I had to check my bag and one of the bottles broke on the flight home from Boston, very sad).
-As for the beer, Seasonal Pils (very very good for a pils, one of my favorite beers of the whole trip), Mother Lode Golden (typical flavor but good), Tree Hugger Porter ( I liked it for a porter), Portland Pale Project (tasty), Space Stout (my leady favorite), Free Range Red (pretty good), and the Workhorse (fantastic IPA).

-For the merch, they didn’t really sell anything at the airport location besides their beers.
-We never made it to the Laurelwood Brewery but I got word the food isn’t too great and it’s kind of a dump, but this little stop is nice before or after a flight, clean, I recommend trying some Laurelwood, check them out! laurelwoodbrewpub.com/

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