Friday, May 3, 2013

Troegs Brewery - Hershey, PA

On our way home from Asheville we decided to spend a night in Hershey, PA since it is a long drive back to Buffalo.  Nugget Nectar was a staple in our family so why not go to the source? The GPS was not our friend, but after calling the brewery we realized we were just a minute away, it was right next to the outlets.  Tons of parking, this place is massive as you can see below. Check them out!

Walking in the gift shop is bigger than most breweries all together and it's on our right, straight ahead is the tasting room which is more like a restaurant. Lots of tables and bar space. We chatted with the bartender, very nice woman...she directed us to the food counter so we could order some grub.  Minutes later it was ready.
 As for the beer, I won't really review them since they are sold all over, but the Perpetual IPA tasted better than I've ever had. Unfortunately Nugget Nectar wasn't as good as we were used to but still good.  All of their other beers in the sampler were good though.
Food was all tasty, nothing was jaw dropping but for dinner it was a good amount of food and the prices were nice.
 I really liked that you can do your own self guided tour of the brewery. Of course the tour pops you out at the gift shop.
As for the gift shop, they offer more gifts than any place I've ever seen. You name they logo'd it. I do have one major complaint however. I went there with buying a Nugget Nectar tin sign in mind since I didn't want to pay shipping since I knew we would be going there.  Well the cashier said they're sold out. However there were two on the wall.  She stated the next order was coming in the next day. I asked if I could have one off the wall, she said they don't do that..okay I can understand its screwed into the wall and can be a pain. However, I would of hoped they would let me buy it that day and maybe give me free shipping? But no. So I tried ordering it online days later, willing to pay shipping and it wouldn't process my order. I get an email to call the brewery to complete the order.  I call the brewery an hour after they open, I'm told the manager is on lunch.  I leave my name and number..never got a call back. I refuse to BEG to give them my money, so I gave up.  
 With the exception of the poor management of the gift shop, I was there for the beer and wasn't disappointed, highly recommended to check out if you are ever in the Hershey area! The outlets, theme park and much more are all within a mile.

***Update (5/30/14): I visited Troegs again on our to AND from Philly since it was just THAT good. They had 4 Scratch beers on tap, 2 were Session IPAs and 2 were IPAs and they were all good with one of the IPAs being outstanding! Bought a bunch of growlers, and everyone in my group all kept saying how nice Troegs Brewery was.  It was packed both times we stopped, but it is a juggernaut and knows how to quickly serve it's customers! I would rank this easily in my top 10 breweries and it reassured me how great this place really is.

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