Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Green Man Brewing - Asheville, NC
We set the GPS to take us to Green Man Brewing (expecting it to take us to Jack of the Wood) but thankfully we were wrong and ended up at the actual Green Man Brewery. It wasn't huge, but I will say it had the most comfortable bar stool/chairs I may have ever sat in.
-The waitress was extremely friendly even though she was running all over since it was somewhat crowded.
-The brewery was rather oddly decorated, but neat and unique.  Plenty of room to move around after buying a pint.
-As for the beer we only had the IPA an the Double IPA but I must say the Double IPA was quite tasty and good. The regular IPA was decent.
-Good merchandise for sale, including a sticker or pint glass set of all four seasons of the green man (see below).
-Worth visiting and trying one or two of their place!
Check them out! or

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