Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wicked Weed Brewing - Asheville, NC

Hands down the BEST brewery we visited in Asheville. If you're anywhere in the area this is THE place to go if you're a beer geek.
-It is located at the corner of the block on Biltmore Ave.
-The place was huge, loved the lay of the best sized and laid out breweries I've visted.  Very clean and neat looking. Even the bathroom was unique and extremely nice.
-We sat as the bar, the bartender was very knowledgeable and seemed to love what he did. 
-Now when you think you love this place you then discover they have a downstairs! It's open after 4pm so we had to revisit it the next day to see the downstairs and were shocked to find it's even better as upstairs (as you can see in pictures below).  They also have a few beers on tap they do not have upstairs. So downstairs we had a Tyranny Double Red, it was one of the BEST beers I've ever had.  My fellow beer geeks at home agreed it was phenomenal (brought home two half growlers).
-The bartender in the basement was extremely nice...even when she told us any beer over 8% could not be filled in a full growler so we were forced to purchase half growlers from them rather than use our own...o well.
-As for the beer...I tasted the Tyranny Red (pretty good), Tyranny Double Red (fantastic), Falconer (pretty good), Cardinal Sin (decent), McFee Stout (good), Zealot IPA (good!), Freak Double IPA (very good!, very hoppy).
-As for the merchandise...plenty of good stuff. Tshirts, different types of glasses (a little overpriced but nice), and great coasters and stickers.
Check them out!

 Food wasn't bad..not the best I've ever had but the beer made up for it!


 And of course my usual glass purchase.

-All in all as I said above, this was hands down my favorite brewery in Asheville. Highly recommended. Enjoy the video tours below!

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