Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fat Heads Brewery - Pittsburgh, PA/Cleveland, OH
I visited both Fat Heads locations, Pittsburgh and Cleveland so I will just review both at once.  Their Headhunter IPA has won quite a few IPA contests.  We never really had it, so I decided to head down to Pitt to see what all the hype was about...and I can agree why it wins's PHENOMENAL.
-The Fat Heads Saloon is located on East Carson which is a great strip of bars in downtown Pitt.  We stayed at the Double Tree which offers a free shuttle so it worked out beautifully.  After our beer buying trip around town we headed back to Fat Heads. It's a big place with a very nice bar.  Early in the day it's pretty dead, but at night its PACKED. 
-At lunch I had tried the Headhunter which was outstanding.  I also tried a Ballast Point Sculpin because I had heard how great it was and we didn't get it in Buffalo.
-Fat Heads has a great beer menu with lots to choose from. Not only do they have about 10 beers of their own, they also have about 20-25 guest taps.
-The food was okay, servings were WAY too much food but I guess that's why it's called FAT Heads.
-Upstairs is merchandise and beer where you can create your own six pack. There's only about 4 coolers full of beer and let me tell you it isn't cheap. A six pack of sculpin was about 40$..ouch.
-On my next trip to Pittsburgh we went back and enjoyed their delicious beer once again. However this time around we got to experience Sunshine Daydream and this was a fantastic beer. A session IPA, at only 5%. I've had session beers and this one kills them all.
-If you're looking to buy their beer they only sell the Headhunter and Blueberry in bottles, the rest you can get growlers filled, however it MUST be a Fat Heads growler (they will take your non-Fat Heads growler however and replace it with theirs for free). But you can purchase their bottled beer at Fat Heads or simply walk up East Carson and buy a case at the beer store down the street.
-Street parking only. Check them

-Fat Heads in Cleveland was probably double maybe even triple the size of the Pitt location. It has a massive bar, a small merchandise stand at the entrance and lots of seating.
-This location offers a 8 beer sampler, whereas the Pitt location does not offer any type of sampler.
-Just like in Pitt they had many of their own beers and also tons of guest taps.  
-As for the beer, once again I had Headhunter, but also got to try the IBUsive which was part of the reason for our trip. The IBUsive was no shocker...AMAZING! Brought home two growlers and 3 cases of Headhunter.
-This location also had much more merchandise for sale than the Pitt location.
-This location had LOTS of parking in a massive lot.
-This location felt much more like a restaurant/brewery than the location in Pitt which felt more just like a brewery/bar with some dinner tables set up. Check them

Pictures from Pitt location:

Cleveland Pictures

And all the goodies

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